Paul finds some new friends!

So here we are at checkpoint 3. We met a lovely bunch of girls on a challenge who had to meet a Paul. So we supplied our Paul and took a pic.


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2 Responses to Paul finds some new friends!

  1. The Clapham Chatterers says:

    Hey Guys!! Well done – such a great achievement!!! You must be so proud!!
    We all completed it in 29 hours and 48 minutes – definitely cutting it fine!! Such an amazing achievement!!! I have to say i do not regret it one bit!! I feel so proud of everyone that did it as the conditions were awful!
    Was so great to meet you all and walk with you at times!! Definitely perked us up!!

  2. trailwalker says:

    Hi to the CCs, thanks for all the fun – you seemed so organised with your quizzes, word games and electronic scoreboards (OK, maybe not the scoreboards). Well done for making it through!

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