Victory Curry


Finally at the finish! Victory curry for everyone. A big thank you to all the support crew, volunteers and assorted well wishers! Here’s to never again!

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4 Responses to Victory Curry

  1. Well done guys and girls. I know I didn’t think much of only doing 60 miles but having seen how much effort is involved I can concede that 60 on foot seems pretty proportional effort-wise to 100 on a bike. Anyway amazing achievement and especially given the challenges the weather threw up. I enjoyed being your support vehicle for the first part of the event and being involved in general. Well done all!

  2. Vicki Holmes says:

    Congratulations!! Bet that curry tasted sooooo good. Looks like you had lovely weather ;-)

  3. Louisa Dove says:

    Hello, it’s Louisa from the Clapham Chatterers! WELL DONE!! It was horrendous wasnt it?? We finished just in the nick of time at 29h 48mins!!! can’t believe we finished at all!! Was good meeting you on the way round. Hope the pain subsides, i’m not walking very well and no way i’m putting shoes on yet…… lots of love x

  4. trailwalker says:

    Hi Louisa, well done to you as well, we did look up afterwards and saw you made it. Thanks for the entertainment on the way, you never seemed to stop smiling and laughing.

    If you want a large copy of the photo of you with Paul, drop me another comment with your email address. I won’t publish the comment on to here, but I’ll send the pic over.

    Enjoy the well-deserved rest!
    Steve and the gang x

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